The Benefits of Using Mender for Emergency Home Repairs

Wondering how to find a contractor in the event of an emergency home repair? There’s never a convenient time for your heater to break or for your plumbing to suddenly quit working. In the past, solving these household problems involved a nuanced process of searching for a contractor capable of providing a solution, along with phone calls, waiting for quotes, and accumulated downtime. At Mender, we condense the process to its essentials: connecting you with the perfect contractor for your requirements quickly. When you’ve got an emergency home repair problem, there isn’t time to scan the internet. Here’s how Mender helps you get back up and running quicker.

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Quickly Find and Contact Professionals

Mender’s handyman app allows you to quickly find and contact the type of contractor you need. You can find a local professional hassle-free for any home repair service you require, and our user-friendly technology expedites the process of finding and hiring your contractor so that your emergency home repairs get fixed faster.

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Convenient Scheduling

If you only have a few-hours window in which you can meet with a contractor, Mender makes it easy. You can check the availability of local contractors that suit your needs and choose from the ones that are best for your schedule.

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Chat with Providers

Have questions? If you’re looking for a specific type of repair or perhaps seeking knowledge on a certain system, you’ll find the process of chatting with providers exceedingly efficient.

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One Request, Multiple Quotes

When you send out your emergency repair request, you’ll receive quotes (up to six) from different providers looking to win your job. This puts you in a position of understanding, so you can see fair pricing and the contractors that best suit your needs. Our handyman jobs app makes it easy to compare providers.

Searching for reliable and trustworthy contractors can be frustrating. We’ve made it easy. Our user-friendly technology efficiently condenses the process of searching for a contractor, making calls, waiting, and searching for reviews — here’s our list of home services that Mender helps provide.

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