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Common Questions About Hiring

Mender App is an easy and secure way to find and hire service providers. Here are some commonly asked questions we get from our customers:

Are your service providers licensed?

While not all services may require licenses, many service providers that have licenses will appear with a badge on their profile. For example, clothing or laundry services might not need licenses, while a wellness coach should have one.

Why should I hire from Mender App instead of a local contractor?

Mender App lets you easily compare rates and find the best service provider that suits your needs. No more having to research, call different businesses and ask them questions. Using the chat feature and the hire now button, you can find and hire services all in one platform.

Can I track my service provider?

We offer a built-in GPS feature so that you can track your provider’s location with pinpoint accuracy.

How do I communicate with the provider?

Our app has a built-in chat allowing users to contact the provider ahead of time. Discuss project details and quotes with the provider so you know what to expect before hiring.

How do I make complaints and request cancellations?

Although we strive to deliver the best services possible, things happen, and we understand that sometimes services may not meet your expectations. We’re always open to user feedback and want to make sure you’re happy with your services. Contact our support team to voice your concerns or request to cancel your services.

What does it cost to be on your platform?

Most platforms charge ridiculous monthly and annual fees along with hefty percentage-based fees to their invoices. Mender App only charges a small, flat rate before you begin the project.

How do I communicate with customers?

With our built-in chat channel, providers and users can chat to discuss project details. No more toggling back and forth between different channels. This allows us to monitor the chat if a conflict occurs, protecting you from being at fault.

How do customers hire me?

Every profile has a “Request a Quote” option. Just sit back and wait for your on-demand requests to come in. However, you will have to be online to receive these requests.

How do I distinguish my expertise or services?

Distinguish your services and skills with our licensed badge. We provide a badge for all service providers that carry a valid license. This allows customers to trust you and know that providers are experts in their craft.

Why choose Mender App?

Doing marketing yourself can be quite difficult. As a service provider, you may need to set up your own website, optimize your site to rank for keywords, set up social media, grow a following, run ads, and perform a host of other activities. While other platforms out there do have contractors, they typically take fees of 20% or more from the project. This shrinks your margin leaving you working for low wages. As mentioned, we only charge a small, flat rate before the project begins.

What’s the fastest way to get help from customer support?

Occasionally, problems may arise. Mender App offers an open chat channel so that you can easily communicate with us about any issues you’re experiencing. This allows us to address the issue quickly. Send us a message or call our support line for the quickest response. Our support team is available Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 6 PM (PST).

Getting Started with Mender App

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our friendly customer support staff are more than happy to serve you. We take all inquiries seriously and aim to provide the best experience possible. Ready to get started? Our app is available on the Apple and Google Play store. Download the Mender App today!